The design process

In the near future this page will guide you through an interactive questionnaire that will help you to create a learning strategy for your learning experience. In the meantime, it will host information about the different steps you’ll have to take in order to design and develop a sound learning experience.

  • Analysis – A thorough analysis of the learning needs and challenge(s) will give you a head start during the design and development process.  
  • Learning Strategy – Deciding on the learning strategy will help you to create a strong and consistent learning solution. That is not only in line with your ambitions, but also your organisation’s view and the learners’ needs.
  • Goals & method – Learning goals can only be achieved if there are matching methods available to achieve them. Even though this might sound really straight forward, learning is a complex and often social event.
  • Design – The design phase will help you to combine all the puzzle pieces you’ve created so far. It’s time to make thing concrete and think about format, tooling, technologies and teaching methods!
  • Development – Let’s start building this learning experience! Content, assessments, media and other elements will be created during this phase.
  • Test & improve – Although this seems to be the last point on the list, it’s important to keep on learning ourselves as well. Testing the experience and improving based on new information is an ongoing process!