Moveer (verb): to set something in motion.

Learn & move continuous circle

Learning is all about setting things in motion and stirring things up: making new connections, being amazed, gaining confidence, unlearn things, fail, reflect and much more!

Moveer offers different services to create learning experiences that will set things in motion and move your organization and/or your learners is the right direction.

  • Creation of a tailored learning strategy for your program, training or academy.
  • Design of new learning experiences or new educational concepts.
  • Rethink and redesign existing learning experiences.
  • Develop learning experiences in complex situations or technology that’s not primarily designed for learning.
  • Capacity building of in-house learning experience design skills.
  • Feedback, coaching & support to improve your learning projects.

Tailored support

The list above gives an overview of some of the options, but setting things in motion works best when we work with a tailored approach. If you have a specific question, difficult problem or a different need, tailored support is the way to go. Reach out via or LinkedIn